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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies Which Will Make or Break Your Business

One of the major factors that decide effectiveness of your marketing efforts is whether your practices are updated. It is worth noting that your efforts would become futile if you are not following current trends of marketing. By clearly analyzing current trends of digital marketing, you have to form effective marketing strategies, which will then have a tremendous effect in increasing popularity of products as well as publicizing them.

However, we would love to make your job a bit simpler. Here, we will suggest you some digital marketing strategies that will help you make or make your business. Yes, if you are not that careful while implementing these strategies in your business marketing, it can cause breaking of business as well. Even if you are not the marketer, you will be able to give these suggestion to the marketing agency that you approach for promotion of product or service.

1. Target Specific Location

You can utilize several mobile-based technologies such as GPS to bring your product/service to audience depending upon their activities, location and tastes. Of course, we will be able to use mobile technologies and others to deliver appropriate content to suitable audience in matter of seconds. Suppose you are trying to build an application, which will provide a list of nearby ATMs. Wouldn’t that be great if audience gets list without entering proper location? There you go with powers of location-targeted marketing.

2. Make it Interactive

Rather than sticking with your old types of conveying methods, such as articles, you should be wise enough to focus on interactive methods of marketing. For instance, you can focus on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo. So content, you use for promotion purposes, should be powerful enough to affect different senses of audience including sound, sight and touch.

3. Visual Approach Makes Sense

When it comes to digital marketing, your product or service homepage is something important! Rather than stuffing that homepage with a lot of description about your products, which will rather provide boredom to most, you should take a visual approach. For instance, you can insert a simple but effective video or image in homepage, which will be interesting for your audience. When compared to text, a video or image will be effective enough to convey sufficient information about product or service you are trying to promote.

4. Content is Still Significant

Turning to interactive ways of marketing does not mean that you should entirely avoid content-based marketing. On the other hand, you should understand that impeccable power of words to express something to audience’s mind in a deep manner. Therefore, you should give importance to quality-rich content, which is far more persuasive than the SEO-rich one.

5. Mobiles have Something Great to do

There was a great rise in amount of mobile phone usage recently! So, rather than giving majority of attention to PCs, your attention should be given to mobile devices as well. There is nothing wrong even if you give more importance to mobile devices. For instance, you should make all your websites mobile friendly, and if possible create an app for Smartphone platforms as well.

6. Google Search Snippets

In past years, Google Search has acquired a number of changes, which are helpful to marketers. For instance, now it is possible for us to include rich snippets along with Google search results when customers search for your product or services.

7. Power of Social Media

Following several changes that social media has acquired in this time, as a marketer, you have to utilize social media platforms at maximum level. Rather than entirely focusing on ‘aged’ social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’d be great if you can pay attention to newcomers in social media world such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc. All these sites are based on personal aspects of audience. So, your marketing practices should break those walls of Facebook and Twitter and dig into mentioned ones like Pinterest, where you can act according to interest of audience. Other than this, social media will be useful when it comes to keeping a sustainable relationship with your clients as well.

8. High Quality Backlinks

When it comes to the Search Engine Optimization aspect of digital marketing, backlinks are indeed very important. It is worth noting that you should give more importance to quality-rich backlinks. For doing this, however, you should not follow those non-natural methods. On the other hand, you can focus on methods such as guest posting, sponsored posts etc. Also, you can approach good websites to publish a review in blogs or websites in light of their experience. In this authentic way, you will be able to grab quality backlinks without spending much efforts or time.

9. Diversity in Platforms

Digital meaning never means that one should give most priority to social media or internet. There are people who do not have access to internet and these social media platforms, especially in some underdeveloped countries. If you’d like to publicize your product or service in those areas as well, you have to try some marketing methods such as TV and FM Radios (seriously, they do work!).

10. Ad Retargeting

You might have heard about ad retargeting if you have ever engaged in online product marketing before. This is very helpful in case of digital marketing. Suppose you are trying to promote an online product. So, if you implement ad retargeting, your site will keep a cookie on users’ computer and will show advertisements through other sites. This will be much effective, indeed.


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