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Things to Look out for that could Damage Your Website

If you own a website, be it for business purposes, to build your personal brand or simply to share a little about yourself with the world at large, it might be worth knowing what you can do to protect it from harm wherever possible. If it supports ads, accepts payments or if you have a server for your site, you may have reason to fear infection by malware.

In just about any form, if not stopped in its tracks, it could ruin your site and possibly the computer through which you administrate it. To make it easier to keep an eye out, Symantec Norton produced this infographic to help educate you and help you understand six threats to your website and what you can do to prevent them.

Multiple Threats

The most common threat is website malware, where servers can be attacked by malware, which can infect visitors’ devices without their prior knowledge. Malvertising, malicious ads which can be supported on your site, can cause plenty of havoc too. Meanwhile, search engine blacklisting can be costly, proving that your site is harmful due to it being infected.

It’s imperative for you to keep your security certificates up to date. If they’re not, there’s a chance that web browsers might automatically block access to your site. Your brand could also be used for phishing, as criminals may be tempted to impersonate you in order to defraud site visitors. All the above reasons should mean you put your visitors’ mind at ease by keeping your site safe


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