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Make Your Own HTML5 Game with HTML5 Development Engines

HTML5! We bet you would have heard about this more than once regardless whether you are a Web Developer or not. It is one of the markup languages, which was discussed among developers from the birth time itself. In addition, we must include that the language has gained a huge response and popularity in a very short time because there were a tons of features, which helped HTML5 to standalone. Though it bears the label of Hyper Text Markup Language, its works are much more than we expect, for sure. Simply saying, HTML5 is a Flash Killer. A few discussions were started relating HTML5 and Apple devices because none of iDevices was coming with Flash support. As you can guess, the company predefined the failure of Flash and made use of cross-platform functionality of HTML5. Moreover, we must say that Flash has a very little lifetime for sure, as the new version of markup language came to the stage with in-built video embedding feature, which is enough to kill flash.

Just like we said before, HTML5 is not only developed for making websites but also for doing something that were not even imagined by the previous versions. Developers and companies (including Web Giants Google) have adequately recognized the powers of HTML5 and have started many programs in order to publicize HTML. Several experiments can be seen on the web, which cleverly use the abilities of HTML5. The most intuitive and interactive application HTML we can find is HTML5 Gaming! Yes, superb games can be developed using HTML5 and the development is much simpler than you do it on Flash or other languages. Apart from coding from scratch, you can make use of HTML5 Game Development Engines, if you have less knowledge about codes but have a creative mind. Today we are going to introduce you some superb Game Development engines that use HTML5 and JavaScript.

Construct 2

Construct 2, as a game development engine, helps you to construct HTML5 based Games with no programming experience in your hand. This engine is developed by Scirra Limited and is available FREE for non-commercial purposes. What you need to do for developing a HTML5 game is a strong idea about your game and creativity. You can just drag the game objects (usually image files) to the canvas and define specific properties and behavior to them. In addition, you can use this service in any Web Browser that supports HTML5 as well as dedicated apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Google Chrome.

The drawback found in the game is that it may restrict your creative thinking. If you are planning a game with a large aspect and features, Construct 2 will not be able to afford you. Moreover, if you want to use your game for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase a license from Scirra Limited. You can website Scirra’s website for having a demo on works accomplished using Construct 2.

Impact JS

Impact JS is a JavaScript based game Development engine for HTML5 Game Development. The engine comes with a 3D level editor and support for various devices including iOS. Apart from the one mentioned above, Impact JS is not a free game development engine but it has a large collection of tools and extensions in their library. Using these tools, you can bring a huge visual impact to your Games.

The 2D level editor is the exclusive feature of Impact JS. This editor enables side scrolling and top-down RPG game features, which are awesome. A powerful debugging tool is also integrated with Impact JS, which will suggest you performance drawbacks and reasons. All these features together mean that paying $99 per Impact JS license is worth your money and time.


Here comes another FREE development engine! LimeJS is a JavaScript powered framework designed for HTML5 Game Development. The framework, developed by Digital Fruit is available under an Apache License, simply Open Source, which makes it legal to recreate and reuse the code. The development team says that they designed this framework for enabling HTML5 Game Development with no code complexities.

As an Open Source project, LimeJS can provide you more feature when compared to a private one. A huge amount of demos and tutorials are available in web so that you will not have to worry about your unawareness about the framework. The framework supports every modern browser as well as iOS and Android.

Game Salad

Another Drag & Drop enabled game development engine powered by HTML5. Apart from other engines, Game Salad comes with an in-built emulator using which you can see how the game will work in a mobile screen. Cross platform, development is available through Game Salad and the supported list goes on like iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and the latest, Windows 8.

This engine has two versions, FREE and PAID. Paid version will take $299 from your pocket in each year. Some features like in-app purchasing, i-Ad, publicizing, Game Centre, Android publishing etc. are there with the pro version. All the feature mentioned above are lacked by other engines and it is quite a good decision to purchase the pro version.

Flash JS

Flash JS has a small relation with flash as well as JS. You can make HTML5 Games using this engine and you can add Action Script 3 codes inside the [html]<actionscript>[/html] code, which makes it seem familiar for flash-based developers as well. This one is also FREE and is open sourced which gains huge contributions from various parts of web.

This is another JavaScript based game development framework, which has a huge community support when compared to that of other engines. Though the framework has not a plug and play one, it has some advantages like Entity Component System. Using this feature, you can enlighten your game by giving components to each entity in your game (hero. Villain etc). This feature can avoid long chains of inheritance from your code for sure. Even being not much simple, Crafty JS is obviously a superb game engine.

Quintus Engine

It is a newcomer to the HTML5 Game Engine list with a label of lightweight behavior. Quintus engine supports development for both mobile devices and computers, which is useful for Developers.

A dedicated website is waiting for Quintus Engine users that means, doubts will not be a big boy for you at least when with Quintus.


We have told you several Game Development Engines for HTML5 and the last choice is yours. As you know, everyone will be having different aspects about their game and various services will be there to satisfy various requirements. In this list, most of engines are FREE even though some of them have a PRO version. As there is a word about requirement, we do not want to say that ‘this one’ is best.


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